Woodcuts / Gravuras (2018)

Some highlights of my woodcut practice during the past years.

Image list:
[01] Anahara "A" woodcut block
[02] Print from Anahara "A"
[03] some of a series of 30 daily woodcuts
[04] #30xilos - woodcut series done during April 2017
[04] Botanical Series, 2019 - Acanthus, Cray and Echeveria.
[05] Vade Retro Satana print
[06] Printed on a t-shirt Vade Retro Satana
[10] Lolla the cat woodcut printed on a t-shirt
[11] Gojira and Kong woodcut blocks

In 2018 I was invited by the director Fabricio Timm to be part of the pilot of a series named "Art Salad", in which I was able to show and talk a bit about my process.