Cachalote Audio (2017)

Branding and graphic design for a handmade effects pedals company.

Cachalote is a custom modulation units brand based in Brasilia, Brazil - my hometown. It started as a small shop and it has now become a reference for its originality and high-quality products.

Design: Vitor Meuren
Prototypes: Felipe Ballarin + Bathory Silkscreen Studio
Founders: Felipe Ballarin and Samyr Aissami

[01] Cachalote Bit-Crusher Pedal
[02] Silkscreened alloy pedal plates + enamel serial numbers
[03] Bit-crusher pedal detail
[04] Cachalote Optical Tremolo Pedal
[05] Cachalote Analog Fuzz Pedal
[06] Analog Fuzz pedal detail
[07] Process
[08] A spread of the Cachalote brand guide
[09] Felipe and Samyr at Cachalote headquarters

Graphic Design