Amazon Music (2022)

A reel of content series and social assets developed for Amazon Music UK and Global accounts from 2020 to 2022 alongside with Laundry Service team.

Art Director: Jonny Flynn
Motion Designer: Vitor Meuren
Title Designer + Album covers animation: Vitor Meuren
Senior Designer: Ryan Tong
Creative Director: Ollie Williams
Creative Concepts: Ambre Ledrin
Social Media Manager: Taylor Glasby
Project Manager: Gemma Stronach
Design Collaborators: Meri Carrasco, Mia Lily Johnson, Nils Andersen

[02] Animated Album Covers
[03] Tarot reading with Aurora Title Card
[04] Which Ed Would with Ed Sheeran Title Card
[05] It's a Wrap with Gary Barlow Title Card
[06] Down the Pier with Alfie Templeman Title Card

Motion Design
Graphic Design